Has mankind found the fountain of youth?

HGH Products

HGH Products    There is a number of ways to increase HGH levels in a human body. Some products are designed to supplement the amount of HGH levels by adding actual HGH to the body composition. There are two methods of doing this, one of which involves a needle injection and the other is an oral spray. You should note that pharmacological HGH therapy involves directly injecting HGH into your blood stream, and is a prescription only therapy. The spray form is in theory supposed to add the HGH through your lungs, however research has shown a response that differs from what one might expect from this type of therapy. There are alternative methods of HGH therapy including taking pills and creams. These do not put HGH directly into your body, but rather restore the body's natural ability to produce HGH at youthful levels.

    Somatomedin-C, a by-product of HGH, is one of the only ways of measuring the level of HGH being produced by your body. Normal Somatomedin-C blood levels in adults range from 200 to 450 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter). Yet, over a third of individuals over 50 years of age show abnormal levels less than 200 ng/ml. During the growth spurt of youth, HGH levels are maximum and the Somatomedin-C will be measured well over 600- 800 ng/ml. To verify the effectiveness of a form of HGH therapy, it is imperative to look at the levels of Somatomedin-C in the blood stream. Thus we will look into the kinds of products available and reveal the effectiveness of each.

HGH Pills

HGH Pills    Human growth hormone pills are increasingly becoming a favorite form of HGH therapy. Their results can be compared to that of prescription HGH injections, and yet no prescriptions are required, they are convenient and still very affordable. There are a lot of firms taking advantage of the popularity that HGH pills have achieved by making cheap, ineffective "HGH pills" that are just designed to make a fast buck. To find out more about human growth hormone pills and how you can avoid being a victim of this trap click below:
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Injectable HGH

HGH Injections    An injectable form of HGH is still one of the most controversial means of increasing HGH levels in the bloodstream. It is a prescription only form of human growth hormone therapy, although there are some companies that illegally sell an injectable form of HGH without a prescription. It is claimed to be the most effective form of HGH therapy, yet there are many possible dangers associated with this type of human growth hormone therapy. To find out more about human growth hormones via an injection needle, including information on how you can avoid buying illegal, possibly less effective forms of injectable HGH then, click below:
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HGH Therapy via an Oral Spray

HGH Oral Spray    A non-prescription form of HGH administration is an oral human growth hormone spray. This is another form of human growth hormone therapy that has attracted a lot of production of a "HGH Oral Spray" that we like to call fake. There are definitely some companies that produce a genuine product that works, and works effectively, however it is becoming more and more of a difficult task discerning which forms are effective. We will discuss the effectiveness of true HGH oral sprays and how you can find out which ones are real. To find out more click below:
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HGH Cream

HGH Cream    For every form of alternative medication, there is always an epidermal form of that medication. Although commonly known to be less effective than traditional means, this is a viable option for those who can not or would rather not use any of the other forms. HGH creams, among almost all tests, have proved to be less effective than pills, injections, and oral sprays, however human growth hormone creams have still shown all of the positive effects of the other three forms of HGH administration. Click below to find out more about HGH creams:
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HGH Reviews

    Comprehending how certain products work and the differences between them is an important step in being able to choose what type of HGH treatment is best for you. We have also found that being able to compare side-by-side results of the various products can be the best way to inform you as to which type of human growth hormone therapy is right. Click below to see side-by-side comparisons of the various types of HGH products:
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