Has mankind found the fountain of youth?

HGH Products Reviews

Review of HGH products     What would you do with the memory, sleep, metabolism, skin tone, sexual function and mood control of an 18 year old? Science has proven that clearly, the only reason why you are not doing the things that you once could is the lack of human growth hormones in your body. As we age the HGH levels in our body diminishes. If you have read the other sections you may have seen that almost every function of our body is influenced by the presence of HGH. Obviously, it is the deficiency of HGH that causes our natural abilities to diminish AND for us to be less confident to do the things that once seemed like a "piece of cake."

    Although some of the worlds most popular athletic figures use HGH, from Barry Bonds to Rocky Balboa(Rambo), we must look to science to validate the effectiveness of HGH as a "fountain of youth." Interestingly, scientific studies have proven again and again that our body needs high levels of HGH for us to be able to have the brain functionality that we had when we were young; the ability to convert the food that we eat into energy rather than fat; the ability for our body to create thick, healthy, beautiful looking skin; to have the sexual performance like we had when we hit puberty; to be able to have that full, refreshing sleep that we need in order to function properly; and to overcome mood disorders. Yes, all of these are significantly effected by our body's level of HGH.

Decline of HGH with Age    Research has also proven that our body decreases HGH production as we get older. In fact, even as early as in our 30's HGH production is dramatically reduced. Thus we will look into the different options available for us to be able to restore these levels of human growth hormones back to youthful levels. With this in mind we have compiled a table that lists the pertinent information necessary, in order for you to be able make the best decision possible. Now, you will easily decide which HGH product you will buy. A decision that will save you time, money, one that will produce better results, and perhaps most importantly, will not cause any negative side effects.

GenF20 Plus is the HGH product that has consistently been rated highest by our visitors. Our own studies confirm that it is an all natural HGH supplement. Customers claim results that even exceed the results obtained by injecting HGH directly into your blood stream. They have a 2-month "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is above average. Injected HGH is the second highest HGH product on our charts. It is the product that produces the fastest results, however you are injecting, directly into your blood stream, a non-naturally produced substance. This bypasses your body's natural defenses and if you get a bad batch of HGH, it could have adverse, even fatal, side-effects. It is also the most expensive HGH option. Naturally, it comes with no guarantee. Customer satisfaction is above average. HGH Energizer is rated 3rd of the HGH products that we tested. They have struggled keeping consistent positive reviews from its users. Perhaps this is somewhat affected by their auto-bill method of marketing. They also almost force you join their monthly membership which charges you a fee each month, just to access information that can usually be found for free from other sources, however this does allow access to their product at discounted costs. Their customer service ratings are below average. They do have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. HGH oral sprays are ranked lower, in terms of effectiveness, however they are a much safer option to injected HGH. This method requires the added HGH to pass through your body's defense systems keeping you safe from several potential side effect. Most HGH companies also offer some sort of a guarantee. Our stance on HGH sprays is to avoid them altogether as the risk for side effects is still significant. At the least, research the supplier of your HGH spray very carefully to verify high quality production processes. HGH creams are the lowest rated HGH option that we tested. The trans-dermal application has been demonstrated effective for a variety of products, but it suffers significantly in HGH therapy effectiveness. They do benefit from being a very safe option and we recommend it over injections or sprays. Most HGH cream companies offer some sort of a guarantee.
HGH Products Success % Results Take How it Works Price
 GenF20 Plus HGH Pills 94% 3 - 6 months Restores natural production $50 - $175
 HGH Injections 91% 2 - 5 months Adds HGH to the body $350 - $6000
 HGH Energizer Pills 82% 4 - 6 months Restores natural production $30 - $120
 HGH Sprays 73% 4 - 8 months Adds HGH to the body $60 - $460
 HGH Creams 44% 5+ months Restores natural production $80 - $240

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GenF20 Plus HGH     It is easy to see why GenF20 Plus is the best product available for HGH therapy, especially now with their improved, even more effective formula. It rates the highest for effectiveness and does so without putting a potentially harmful hormone into your body, but rather induces your body to create its own HGH naturally. GenF20 Plus is manufactured by a respected company, Albion Medical, in a US government certified facility and is made of the highest grade natural ingredients. There have not been any side effects reported while taking GenF20 Plus and you get all of this at a price that you can afford.

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