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Side Effects of HGH

Side Effects of HGH    Almost every product out there, even the healthiest, has potential side effects. The key reason for this is that we, as human beings, are so very different in how our bodies are structured. One person loves seafood, another can not stand it. One person loves milk, another person can be allergic to it. Therefore it is important to discuss some of the things that you may currently have, that may be worsened by taking HGH. First of all you will find out if there are any side effects from taking human growth hormones that may apply to anyone, regardless of your health.

General side effects of HGH

    There are a couple of things that may or may not be a concern to you. No research has yet proven that human growth hormones actually extend your life, and most likely this will never be proven as there is not way to know how much a particular person is supposed to live.

    Several studies show an increase in hair growth. The hair does not grow from new follicles on the body, but some have noticed faster hair growth, and hair growing from follicles that have stopped producing growth.

    The dose of HGH is an important consideration in HGH therapy. Large doses of HGH are often linked with the clinical signs of HGH excess, including fluid retention, carpal tunnel, and hypertension. However, by taking smaller doses such symptoms are not noted. At a dose of 0.03 mg/kg/week, Bengtsson et al. demonstrated only minor side effects including slight fluid retention and mild joint pain. There was only one reported incident of carpal tunnel syndrome. In all cases, further reduction of the HGH dosage resulted in the elimination of side effects. In another recent study in which a smaller dose of HGH was used, 0.01 mg/kg was administered three times per week without any side effects. Multiple studies support the conclusion that low dose HGH therapy is associated with minimal side-effects.

    There are many athletes that take HGH levels far exceeding even the highest levels of prescribed HGH treatment. That is why you may have heard about some of the horror stories connected to HGH such as developing irreversible abnormal growth of bones of the hands, feet and face and concerns with increased blood pressure and heart damage. However these become an issue only when extremely high dosages were administered.

    Now let us look at some pre-existing conditions that you may have, that would require you speak to your personal physician before starting any kind of HGH therapy:

Human Growth Hormones and Diabetes

Human Growth Hormones and Diabetes    We will delve into how HGH combined with Diabetes can affect your body. This area has been through several research studies and there are some clear conclusions that have been reached. Click below to find out more on how human growth hormones combined with Diabetes affects your body or if it is even safe to take HGH with Diabetes:
  Diabetes Diabetes

Human Growth Hormones and Edema

Human Growth Hormones and Edema    Edema is a condition of the human body that involves fluid accumulation and swelling in the lungs. If you are currently on a breathing machine (ventilator) because of Edema, then we recommend that you read the section below, before taking any type of a human growth hormone product:
  Edema Edema

Human Growth Hormones and Carpal Tunnel

Human Growth Hormones and Carpal Tunnel    If you have gone through Carpal Tunnel treatment, whether it was with drugs or surgery, it may be necessary to take a few precautions before using human growth hormone. Click below to find out more about the precautions necessary before taking HGH with Carpal Tunnel:
  Carpal Tunnel Carpal Tunnel

Human Growth Hormones and Arthralgias

Human Growth Hormones and Arthralgias     If you have ever been treated for Arthralgias, a unique form of joint pain, some of the positive effects of HGH, can actually end up being side-effects. For example the revived nerve function creates a better ability to feel. In that case, the joint pain would increase also. Click below to find out more.
  Arthralgias Arthralgias

HGH Products

    Now that you understand both the benefits of HGH and the side effects of HGH, it is important to understand more about how HGH works and to find out the multiple ways of having HGH administered. Click below to find out more:
HGH Products HGH Products